Wipe New Does Not Work

Wipe New claims that it can restore surfaces on cars and trucks to a like new finish. Wipe New is not designed to use on the paint job itself. To restore the painted finish it is advised that a professional prepare the vehicle and apply Wipe New. Wipe New states that it works because of its Nano-Polymer Technology that bonds with surfaces on contact. However, finding out what that Nano-Polymer Technology means is a very difficult task.

Wipe New states on the web site that only one application is needed and will last up to two years following application and protect car surfaces from the elements. Wipe New does back peddle on the one application claim by stating older more neglected vehicles may require more than one application.

Many customers have reported that after applying Wipe New to the surfaces of their vehicles they were left with streaks instead of shine. Many of Wipe New’s customers have had to purchase polishing compounds to remove the streaked Wipe New to return their vehicles to normal instead of streaky looking finishes.

Wipe New also offers a Pro Detail Kit that is free with $7.95 paid for shipping and handling. The kit includes color coded cloths for cleaning the headlights before applying Wipe New and other cloths for applications of Wipe new on different surfaces. Complaints about the Pro Detailing Kit include:

  • The cloths provided are cheaply made
  • The cloths are very small
  • The cloths do not hold up to the rigors of application
  • The cloths do a poor job of cleaning prior to application.