The latest car restoration product to hit the market is called “Wipe New”. Currently the cream can only be purchased online and is not available in stores throughout the United States or Canada. As with any new product, many people seem to have a lot of legitimate questions about this product. Does it work? Is it a rip-off? What are the hidden costs? In this article we will delve into the product and how it works, answer questions, and discuss customer reviews to help you make an informed decision on whether or not the product is right for you. If looking to Compare Wipe New Prices Online or wanting to enter to win a FREE bottle of wipe new go to the Wipe New Price Comparison website at WipeSNew.com


How Does it Work?

Wipe New uses a nano-polymer formula which penetrates deep down into the surface of any vehicle to return it to its original luster and shine. It can be used on any part of the vehicle that looks weathered or faded; like the dashboard, rims, bumpers, and more. Not only does this cream restore the faded and worn surfaces of your vehicle, it also protects them from future wear and tear.

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How is Wipe New Different than other Products on the Market?

New Wipe may advertise some of the same things as other products, but there are some very distinct differences. Most products involve applying a silicone-based product to restore shine – then when it comes off, your vehicle looks faded and you have to reapply the other product again and again. The cool thing about New Wipe is that it only has to be used one time, and the effect is long lasting. Not only does it restore your vehicle’s shine to showroom quality it also forms a protective layer over the vehicle’s surface to help prevent future wear, tear, and fading.

How long does it last?

The product is very new on the market so it is unknown how long Wipe New will keep your vehicle looking new before another application is needed. With that being said, there are hundreds of customer reports from 1 year ago (when it was first released on a trial basis) that claim their vehicle still looks like new today. Some customers have gone as far as saying they applied the product over 1 year ago and their “vehicle looks as though they used wipe new yesterday. Keep in mind, there are some negative wipe new reviews; read on to learn more.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed!

The creators of New Wipe are so sure that you will love their product as much the day you purchase it as you will years from now they have decided to back their product with an outrageous, never before seen, guarantee. Wipe New has a 2 year satisfaction guarantee. This alone demonstrates their extreme confidence that the product really works and will make customer happy for years to come. What other product manufacturer is willing you give you your money back if you are not happy with their product within 2 years!? None!


What is included in Order

The price may be going up soon!

Here’s the beauty of newer products: companies sell them at a low price to get the word out about the product. Once the word gets out and the product starts selling, if it is a good product, the price is sure to go up. Right now, Wipe New is selling at a special, introductory rate.

For $19.99, plus $7.99 shipping and handling, you can get:

  • 1 DOUBLE SIZED Bottle – that is enough for 2 full cars
  • 1 Pro Detail Kit, including:
    • 2 Wipe New Applicator Cloths; Yellow
    • 1 Headlight Applicator; Red
    • 1 Headlight Polishing Block; Blue
    • 1 Detail Brush
    • 1 Pair of Nitrile Gloves

***** DOUBLE SIZE BOTTLE OF WIPE NEW: $19.99 *****

The Pro Detail Kit is included for FREE, but costs an additional $7.99 shipping and handling fee. You have the choice if you want to get the Pro Detail kit or not, but for just $7.99 its work the money. NOTE: CAN be used WITHOUT the Pro Detail Kit.

Buying Online

The only issue customers have reported when ordering Wipe New online is that there are additional offers available when ordering online. If you do not want these offers you need to “un-check” the box beside the offer. Some customers even complained about the additional $7.99 shipping fee for the Pro Detail kit, but on every advertisement this cost is disclosed. Remember the Pro Detail Kit is not a requirement to order; it is simply a good deal that is being offered.

Real Customer Reviews

Everyone who actually USED the product and reviewed it had nothing negative to say. They loved Wipe New and said it was worth every penny; and worth more than what they actually paid. Customers who used the product said they would highly recommend the cream to everyone they know.

With a 2 year satisfaction guarantee, and this low price, the best thing to do is try the product. You have nothing to lose! To request a refund contact the WipeNew.com Customer Service Department. However, if you choose to wait, be aware that Wipe New will likely be increasing in cost once it becomes more popular.

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